Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Netflix Series ‘FUBAR’ Slammed as an Epic Embarrassment – Fans Demand a Refund!

O Governador do Estado de São Paulo João Doria, recebeu o ator e ex-governador da Califórnia, Arnold Schwarzenegger, para discutir ações de sustentabilidade e economia verde..Schwarzenegger é o idealizador da R20 - Regions of Climate Action, uma organização ambientalista sem fins lucrativos, fundada em setembro de 2011. Em São Paulo, está destinada ao desenvolvimento de projetos sustentáveis e apoia o Programa Município Verde Azul, da Secretaria de Estado de Infraestrutura e Meio Ambiente. Local: São Paulo/SP Data: 14/04/2019 Foto: Governo do Estado de São Paulo

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s latest Netflix series, “FUBAR,” has received scathing reviews, being labeled an embarrassment. The show, which premiered recently, has failed to live up to expectations and has been heavily criticized for its lackluster writing, weak storytelling, and poor execution.

“FUBAR” centers around Schwarzenegger’s character, a retired military veteran who becomes entangled in a web of conspiracy and political intrigue. Despite the potential for an action-packed and thrilling storyline, the series falls flat, according to critics.

The writing has been singled out as a major flaw, with dialogue that is often clichéd and uninspired. The plot is convoluted and fails to engage viewers, leaving them feeling disconnected from the characters and events on screen. Additionally, the pacing is criticized for being inconsistent, with moments of intense action followed by long stretches of dullness.

Schwarzenegger’s performance has also come under scrutiny. While he remains a charismatic presence, his acting is deemed as lacking depth and emotional range, failing to elevate the weak material.

Overall, “FUBAR” has been deemed a disappointment, failing to deliver on its potential as an exciting and engaging series. Critics have expressed their disappointment, labeling it as a significant misstep for both Schwarzenegger and Netflix.

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