John Mulaney’s Latest Stand-Up Special: A Hilarious and Heartfelt Dive Into His Personal Life

The NPR article discusses comedian John Mulaney’s recent stand-up comedy special “John Mulaney: In Baby J.” which focuses heavily on his personal life, specifically his divorce from his wife and subsequent relationship with actress Olivia Munn. The article highlights how Mulaney’s jokes are often at the expense of one person, himself.

Throughout the special, Mulaney delves into his struggles with addiction and his time in rehab, as well as his experiences with marriage and divorce. The article notes that Mulaney’s humor is often self-deprecating, but ultimately serves as a way for him to process and make sense of his own experiences.

The article also touches on the controversy surrounding Mulaney’s relationship with Munn, as many fans were critical of him moving on so quickly after his divorce. However, the article notes that Mulaney’s humor allows him to address these criticisms head-on and provide his own perspective on the situation.

Overall, the article portrays Mulaney’s special as a raw and vulnerable exploration of his personal life, delivered through his signature brand of self-deprecating humor.

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