10 Incredible Things Bard Can Do That ChatGPT Can’t – You Won’t Believe #7

The Indian Express recently published an article highlighting ten things that the AI language model Bard can do that ChatGPT, another language model, cannot. According to the article, Bard was created specifically for poets and writers, while ChatGPT was designed for general language tasks.

One of the primary differences between the two models is the way they generate language. Bard relies on templates, which can be filled in with various words and phrases to create poems, while ChatGPT generates language through predictive text algorithms.

The article notes that Bard is better at creating poems with specific meter and rhyme schemes, while ChatGPT struggles with these tasks. Bard is also more adept at creating language that incorporates emotion and metaphor.

Another area where Bard excels is in creating language that mimics the style of famous poets such as Shakespeare and Wordsworth. ChatGPT is not specifically trained to mimic the style of any particular author or poet.

Overall, the article suggests that Bard is a more specialized language model, designed specifically for poets and writers, while ChatGPT is a more general-purpose model that can be used for a wide range of language tasks.

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