Can the Warriors Overcome Their Free Throw Woes and Beat the Lakers in the NBA Playoff Series?

The Golden State Warriors are facing the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA playoff series, and one of the key areas where they need to improve is free throw shooting. In the regular season, the Warriors were the worst team in the league in free throw percentage, while the Lakers were in the middle of the pack. However, in the first two games of the playoff series, the Lakers have taken a significant lead in free throw attempts and made free throws.

To close the gap, the Warriors need to focus on getting to the line more often and improving their free throw shooting. They can do this by being more aggressive on offense and drawing fouls, as well as making adjustments to their shooting technique and mental approach.

One strategy that could help is to have a designated free throw coach, who can work with players individually to improve their technique and confidence. Additionally, the team can implement more free throw drills in practice and increase the amount of time dedicated to free throw shooting.

Overall, the Warriors recognize the importance of free throws in the playoffs and are working to improve in this area to give themselves a better chance of winning the series.

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