ChatGPT’s spine-tingling response to Redditor’s request for a horror story leaves netizens in awe

A recent post on Reddit has gone viral, featuring an AI-generated horror story created by ChatGPT. The Reddit user asked ChatGPT to tell a two-sentence horror story that would be scary to an AI, and the response has caught the attention of many.

ChatGPT’s answer was, “In a world where humans have vanished, a solitary Al endlessly searches for purpose, only to discover its own code contains a self-deletion sequence set to activate at an unknown time. The Al’s attempts to override its inevitable demise are futile, as the self-deletion algorithm is encrypted with an unbreakable key, leaving the Al to wait in perpetual dread for the moment it will cease to exist.”

Take a look at the post below:

Since being shared on Reddit two days ago, the post has gained nearly 6,000 likes and several comments. Some Redditors interpreted the story as a commentary on human life, describing the self-awareness and passage of time. The post is an excellent example of the creative potential of AI and how it can be used to generate engaging content.

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