China releases COVID-19 policy protesters on bail after months of detention and criticism

Four activists who protested against China’s COVID-19 policies have been released on bail, according to their lawyers. The activists, who were detained in different parts of China, had criticized the government’s handling of the pandemic, including its vaccination program and its decision to lock down entire cities.

The four activists include a former lawyer who was disbarred after taking on sensitive cases, a writer who was detained for posting critical comments on social media, and two people who were detained for protesting outside government offices. All four were released on bail after being held for several months, and they are expected to face trial at a later date.

China has faced criticism for its handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly its early efforts to cover up the outbreak in Wuhan. The government has also been accused of silencing critics and suppressing information about the virus. The release of these activists on bail is seen as a rare instance of leniency towards dissenters in China, where political dissent is not tolerated. However, their trial and potential punishment could still send a chilling message to others who speak out against the government.

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