China’s foreign minister warns of ‘disaster’ if Taiwan seeks independence, accuses US of interference

China’s Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, has issued new threats against Taiwan, warning that any attempt to seek independence would result in a “disaster.” He also accused the United States of interfering in China’s internal affairs by supporting Taiwan and called on the US to abandon its “dangerous policies” towards China.

The comments come amid growing tensions between China and Taiwan, with China regularly conducting military exercises near the island and flying fighter jets over Taiwan’s airspace. Taiwan, which is officially known as the Republic of China, has rejected China’s claims to sovereignty over the island and has sought closer ties with the US and other countries.

The US has expressed its support for Taiwan and has warned China against any use of force to reunify the island with the mainland. The US has also increased its military presence in the region in response to China’s military buildup and assertiveness.

The situation has raised concerns about the risk of a military conflict in the region, which could have serious implications for global security and stability. Both China and Taiwan have significant military capabilities, and any conflict between the two could quickly escalate into a wider conflict involving other countries in the region.

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