CNN Anchor Don Lemon Fired Over Misogyny and On-Air Remarks, Sparks Controversy and Outrage

Don Lemon, a CNN anchor, has been fired from his role co-hosting the network’s morning show, following accusations of misogyny and misbehaviour. Lemon, who had been with CNN for 17 years, expressed his surprise at the decision in a tweet. CNN responded by saying it had “parted ways” with Lemon and wished him well.

Lemon’s departure came after he made on-air comments about Republican Nikki Haley, in which he said she was no longer “in her prime.” The remarks, which were widely criticised as sexist, led to Lemon apologising and undertaking “mandatory training” to address the incident. Lemon’s reputation was further tarnished by a report that alleged he had acted in a misogynistic manner towards his CNN colleagues.

Variety claimed Lemon had called a producer fat to her face, mocked and mimicked one colleague, and sent threatening texts to another. Lemon denied the allegations. He also caused controversy in late 2022 by saying that the US men’s soccer team should be paid more than the women’s team, saying that the men were “more interesting to watch.”

Following his departure, Lemon has hired an entertainment lawyer to address his contract with CNN, which was signed to last until 2026.

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