Former Pink Floyd Bassist Investigated for Wearing Nazi Uniform During Concert: Sparks Controversy and Outrage

Former Pink Floyd bassist Roger Waters is being investigated by police in Germany after he wore a costume resembling a Nazi SS uniform during a concert in Berlin. The performance took place on May 17 and featured Waters wearing a long black overcoat with a red armband, as well as aiming an imitation machine gun into the audience. While Germany prohibits the display of Nazi symbols, exceptions can be made for artistic or educational purposes.

Waters stated that his intention was to express opposition to fascism. Following the concert, German police initiated an investigation on suspicion of incitement to public hatred, as they believed the clothing worn on stage could potentially glorify or justify Nazi rule. Waters’ jacket featured a red armband with crossed hammers, resembling the outfit worn in the 1982 film adaptation of Pink Floyd’s album “The Wall,” which depicted a rock star hallucinating a fascist rally.

The investigation will be reviewed by the public prosecutor, who will determine how to proceed. Waters’ performances in Germany have been controversial, with attempts made to cancel shows in Munich and Cologne due to accusations of antisemitism.

Waters denies the allegations and has faced criticism from Israel’s foreign ministry. He is scheduled to perform in Frankfurt, and demonstrations are planned outside the venue.

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