Jennifer Aniston Reveals She Lived with a Ghost in Her ‘Friends’ Apartment: Details Inside!

In a recent interview with a magazine, actress Jennifer Aniston revealed that she once lived with a ghost in her apartment above the Central Perk cafe where the iconic sitcom “Friends” was set. According to Aniston, the ghost did not seem to like her roommate, who would often wake up in the middle of the night feeling scared.

Aniston went on to describe the ghost as a “male energy,” and said that it would move objects around the apartment and open and close windows. Despite these spooky occurrences, Aniston said that she was not afraid of the ghost and that it did not seem to be a malevolent presence.

While some fans of “Friends” may be surprised to learn about Aniston’s ghostly roommate, the actress has been open about her belief in the paranormal in the past. She has also shared stories about strange occurrences on the set of “Friends,” including a ghostly presence that would move furniture and objects in the show’s coffee shop set.

For now, it seems that Aniston has left her ghostly roommate behind, but her experiences serve as a reminder that even in the heart of New York City, there may be unseen forces at work.

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