Street Artist David Choe Addresses Controversy Surrounding Sex Trafficking Allegations and Apologizes for Offensive Joke

David Choe, a street artist and former host of the DVDASA podcast, has made a statement addressing recent controversy surrounding him and fellow artist Joe Rogan. The controversy began when Rogan, a popular podcast host and comedian, made comments about Choe’s alleged involvement in sex trafficking. Choe has denied any involvement in such activities and claims that Rogan’s comments were based on a “joke” made on DVDASA. Choe acknowledges that the joke was in poor taste and apologizes to anyone who was offended by it. He also takes responsibility for his own behavior on the podcast, admitting that some of the content was “vulgar, offensive, and inappropriate.”

Choe also addresses criticism he has received for his involvement with controversial figures such as Jeffrey Epstein and Harvey Weinstein. He claims that he did not know about their wrongdoings at the time and that he is not affiliated with them in any way. Choe expresses remorse for any harm caused by his association with these individuals and states that he will work to be more conscious of the company he keeps in the future.

Overall, Choe’s statement seeks to address the controversy surrounding him and clear up any misunderstandings about his past actions and affiliations. He acknowledges his past mistakes and commits to doing better in the future.

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