Susan Rice, Top Domestic Policy Adviser, Leaving Biden Administration – What’s Next?

President Biden announced on Monday that Susan Rice, his top domestic policy adviser, will be leaving her post at the end of the year to pursue a new opportunity. Rice has been a trusted advisor to the President for decades, having worked with him during his time as Vice President and serving as National Security Advisor during the Obama administration.

During her tenure in the Biden administration, Rice has played a key role in shaping the President’s domestic policy agenda, particularly on issues such as climate change, immigration, and racial equity. She has also been a vocal advocate for expanding access to healthcare and strengthening America’s social safety net.

In a statement, President Biden praised Rice’s leadership and dedication to public service, saying that “her contributions to this administration and to our country have been immeasurable.” He also expressed his gratitude for Rice’s willingness to take on a new challenge, adding that he looks forward to continuing to work with her in the years ahead.

Rice’s departure will be a significant loss for the Biden administration, which has relied on her expertise and guidance on a wide range of issues. However, her departure also presents an opportunity for the President to bring in new talent and fresh perspectives as he continues to advance his policy agenda.

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