The Rise of Devin Booker: From Laughingstock to Playoff Superstar

Phoenix Suns shooting guard Devin Booker is drawing attention for his superb performances in the NBA playoffs, which have saved his team from defeat on multiple occasions. In Game 3 of the playoff series against the Denver Nuggets, Booker poured in 47 points on 20-of-25 shooting, securing a vital win for his side.

Teammate Deandre Ayton praised Booker’s newfound status as a two-way superstar, saying “I can’t even sit here and explain to you”. Despite his recent successes, Booker still looks to his past experiences in the league, and he still wears his favourite, old-school Kobe Bryant shoes during Suns games, despite Nike selling a Booker-themed version of its Zoom GT Cut 2.

Booker’s playoff performances come as he is seeking to finally banish the memories of his early career, in which he spent four years with the Suns struggling through poor seasons, averaging just 22 wins per season.

While Phoenix is still struggling in their playoff series against the Nuggets, Booker’s performances are giving Suns fans hope that he can help take the team to the NBA finals.

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